How to Improve Your Money Shot!

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How to Improve Your Money Shot!

In Praise of Sophia Loren

Why we still find her attractive at age 78. Sophia is still active but has understandably slowed down her volume of work. Now and then, she will appear at a public function and still looks smashing in her cleavage revealing gowns; even better than a lot of actresses a third of her age.

Sex Tips Overview: Clitoral Stimulation And Female Orgasms

It has been quite a long road for female sexuality. Just a few centuries ago, female orgasms were considered unnecessary and in some cases, occurrences that were unhealthy for women. In fact, in the early twentieth century, renowned psychologists considered the clitoris something of a child’s plaything and any orgasm that resulted from clitoral stimulation to be fake and unhealthy. In the modern world, some men and women still believe any woman who cannot get an orgasm through vaginal stimulation is sexually dysfunctional.

Male Orgasms: Some Truths You Did Not Know

While a lot is written about female orgasms, very little is usually written about the male orgasm. Most people have over time come to assume that having an ejaculation is the same as having an orgasm. The truth is that this is not true. Here are facts about male orgasms that you probably do not know.

Sexual Benefits Of Weight Loss You Should Know About

Good sex usually demands a lot, including that you be at your best in terms of physical fitness. While some people consider weight loss diets and workouts too much trouble to go through, this is usually not the case considering the benefits that one can derive from being fit. Other than health benefits that fat loss diets and workouts can help you to enjoy, there are numerous sexual benefits that come with having a good and lean body.

Sex Tips: Weight Loss Workout And Better Sexual Performance Logic

Everything we do outside the bedroom usually affects how good our sexual performance in the bedroom usually is. This includes whether we take advantage of weight loss workouts or not. This is because the shape we are in plays a significant role in determining how well we perform sexually and the confidence we bring into the bedroom. This is independent of whether you are a man or woman. Unless you are willing to persevere through bad sex for the rest of your life, here is a reason why you should consider picking a good weight loss product for your use today.

Sex Tips: Spicing Up Your Love Life Through Weight Loss Diet

There are a lot of things that come with losing weight. At the top of the list is that you will get to enjoy better health and you will also get to feel good about yourself. In addition to this is the fact that you can always spice up your love life when you are in shape. Here is how a weight loss diet can help you to make your relationship better through having better sex.

Female Orgasms: Why They Are Tied To Weight Loss Diets And Programs

While it may be hard to believe, female orgasms and weight loss diets and programs go hand in hand. The following are reasons why you should consider convincing your partner to start using fat loss diets and programs.